Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Mathematics.

I have been in youth development working as an arts and technology educator since 2008.

Providing youth equal access to technology and helping them creatively express themselves not only produces innovative projects but equips them with the confidence and skills they need to continue their education and achieve success.

Makey Makey + Processing + Arduino + LEDs+ Bananas & Playdough!

This project highlights external inputs controlling LEDs and on-screen display.  In an initial test using the Makey Makey to control a Processing program and Arduino powered LEDs we have success.  A banana and playdough act as our makey makey “keys.”


LunaTech: A Technology Program for Girls

I created this program in 2010 in partnership with Davidson Middle School in San Rafael, CA.  Since then, we have moved to Novato, CA.  The mission of LunaTech to introduce girls to science and technology through hands-on project-based learning and bridge the gender gap within these fields.  Our projects range in topic from soft circuits & water rockets to graphic design & digital storytelling.  More information about this program can be found on our blog.

chalk wall

We learn by doing.

Joining the Maker Movement in 2010, I started a Young Makers Club in the San Rafael Intel Computer Clubhouse.  This program promoted a collaborative culture of creativity, innovation, and experimentation. Open to both middle and high school students, our program participants imagined, designed, and built projects that were exhibited at Maker Faire.  Projects have ranged in topic and skill; from LED Organs & Soft Circuits to Wind Turbines & SMS-Triggered Bean Bag Catapults.  And gave our youth the experience and freedom to create something unique.  More information about our Young Makers Club can be found on our website


Inventions of the Future: Teen Summit Workshop

I co-led this 3-day workshop with Autodesk in July 2012 at the Annual Intel Computer Clubhouse Teen Summit in Boston, Ma.  Working with 15 youth participants from around the globe, we challenged them to design the future!  The workshop introduced the principles of industrial design and allowed participants to apply their creativity to re-imagine, model, and prototype a sustainable, accessible product for the future.  They became the inventor, the engineer, and the innovator leading the way into the future and presented their final projects to all Summit attendees.

Product #1: Tube Transportation

An eco-friendly future form of transportation (like today’s subways) that will get you to your desired destination quickly and with little to no carbon foot-print.  This model, inspired by a Minecraft Creeper, represents a Tube station, a hub, where you enter the tube system.

Product #2: The Planet Breaths with Earth Dome

A protective dome that will surround the earth and help decrease global warming by filtering the air.  This dome would be deployed in space around Earth with mechanized panels to release any build up of atmospheric toxins and greenhouse gases.

Product #3: Terra Tree Houses

In the future, instead of destroying and paving over forests and green spaces to create communities, we will create our communities within nature.  Terra Tree Houses are just the beginning of reconnecting with nature.  This group hope that in the futue we will not just emulate these natural eco-systems but learn how to integrate ourselves into them.

Product #4: Universal Communicator

Technology has made our world smaller.  As vast as the global community is, everything and everyone can be easily accessed through a single click or Skype call.  This headset, connected to a synthetic implant allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and in any language.  The group who designed this product also believed that in the future technology will give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and voice to the mute.